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Cool Playlist

Jan 17, 2020

Hampton Yount (Suicide Buddies, MST3K), stooped by to make a playlist for Climbing Out Of Your Own Grave. It’s not just about mental health - it’s also about new metal, Christian Rock, rare cop species, and a bunch of stupid stuff.

Jan 11, 2020

Nick Thune kicks off 2020 with a playlist for “When A Hot Plumber Comes By And You ‘Accidentally’ Leave A Bluetooth Speaker In The Bathroom”. We’ve got pressure-free sexy tunes and chats about music. And Nick is on tour this month - find his tour dates at

Aug 16, 2019

Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything) lived on a bus when he was touring the country with his stand-up special a few years ago - and Eliza was there for a week of it. So not only are they good enough friends to survive living on a bus together - they are both experts in bus-life-playlists!

Aug 2, 2019

Renee Gauthier is a comedian, actress, writer, producer - and Chrissy Teigen’s right hand gal on Lip Sync Battle. But her past career as a professional bar mitzvah dancer is probably what helped her the most in making this playlist for “Single At Your Sister’s Wedding.”

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Jul 19, 2019

Dave Ross is a hilarious comic and the co-host of Suicide Buddies. He wanted to make a playlist for “Driving To The Airport To Stop Her From Getting On That Plane” and boy did we! Lots of ridiculous riffs, offensive bits, and pop punk to get her to stay with you... or not!

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