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Cool Playlist

Nov 20, 2018

Alison Becker (Parks And Recreation, Kroll Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm) has created many memorable characters, but she's gotten good at letting go of the past. She asked to make a playlist for "Dropping Off a Bag of Clothes at Goodwill* (that you know are out of style but you’ll still deeply miss)" - which is just the kind of specificity we love. We talked about hoarding, ending things so you can begin others, Bon Jovi, and Starlight Express.
*Some other places, besides Goodwill, that accept clothing donations
are: Dress For Success (, The Cinderella
Project, local shelters, and local charity-based thrift stores (google
those last three to find ones accepting donations near you.) Don't use
those random donation boxes - many if not most are scams.

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