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Cool Playlist

Aug 23, 2018

Lauren Lapkus (Crashing, Orange Is The New Black, Comedy Bang Bang) Is a great comedian and actress, and a bonafide podcast star. She wanted to make a playlist for middle school dances in the 90s, so baby that's what we did! Come for the awkward slow jams, and stay for the memories of pre-teen lust and...

Aug 14, 2018

Tony Thaxton toured the world as the drummer for Motion City
Soundtrack, and has since played for tons of other acts, from Aimee
Mann to Weird Al to Paul F Tompkins. Now he plays for The Tiny Stills
and Don't Stop Or We'll Die, and hosts Feliz Navipod, a Christmas
Themed podcast. With all that touring under his belt, we...

Aug 7, 2018

Jake Fogelnest got his start in entertainment as the 14-year-old host
of Squirt TV on MTV in 1994. Since then he has gone on to write and
produce TV shows like Corporate (Comedy Central), Wet Hot American
Summer (Netflix), Difficult People (Hulu), and a bunch of other stuff.
He's also a good pal of Eliza's, a music...